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T-Shirts are worn and seen by everyone, all the time. They give a constant reminder that will build up name recognition for your business or organization.  People always like wearing t-shirts — especially free t-shirts!

People will wear your t-shirt in the gym, going to the store, taking a walk, going to class, going jogging…you get the idea.  How many people during the day will see and read that t-shirt?  50?  100?  200?  More?

When it comes to price-per-view. t-shirts will be the cheapest investment in advertising budget.  You can’t beat that.

Don’t hesitate to give a t-shirt away to a new or prospective customer (and don’t forget your current customers).  This will help you to start a new relationship.  Think about it, how much is a new customer worth to you?  With one order?  Over the course of a year?  Over the lifetime of that customer?  Would a $4.00 investment be worth it?

Blue Dog Graphics has everything you need to make the shirt printing project in your head find it’s way onto cloth. Our graphic designers can help too. Contact us with your ideas and we’d be happy to get you a quote.


“Remember the time we……”

Custom t-shirts are great for family reunions, events, holidays or trips.  Every time someone takes the shirt out of their drawer they will remember the good times they had.

Uniform colored shirts will give instant recognition, even from a distance. (It’s a great way to watch the kids!)

How should you design the shirts?  One simple rule — have fun with it.  We suggest putting the year and location and the family name. Let the kids get involved with designing your shirts. Don’t forget about other clothing items like sweatshirts, polar fleece, windbreakers, sweatpants and hats.  Bags are also a great idea for your reunions or event.

No matter your t-shirt printing needs, Blue Dog Graphics can get you the clothing you’re looking for. Contact us today!

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